About Us

The Scottish Raptor Study Group, founded in 1980, is a network of ~300 raptor experts who monitor and record the fortunes of raptor species across Scotland. Our members are organised within 12 regional branches, covering all of mainland Scotland and most of the islands. 

We check over 5,000 known raptor territories for occupancy each year, and record the status, distribution and breeding success of each species. We have amassed a unique long-term dataset of raptor records, and this information is vital for understanding changes in population trends. Our results are published annually as part of the award-winning Scottish Raptor Monitoring Scheme. Our work has contributed to hundreds of scientific publications and is regularly used by conservation agencies to inform local, regional and national conservation plans and policies.

Our work is undertaken on a voluntary basis and between us we contribute thousands of days to fieldwork and data collection every year. Our members have varied backgrounds and are from many different professions, but are united by their commitment to the protection and conservation of Scotland’s raptors.

New members are always welcome and usually serve an apprenticeship with seasoned fieldworkers to ensure best practice and high quality field craft.

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