The following photographs have been donated by a variety of individuals and were taken under licence, where neccessary. (Please note: it is an offence to photograph Schedule 1 birds while they are at, on or near the nest, unless you have a special licence from SNH. Please click here for further information).

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Please contact any of the photographers either direct (they are listed at the bottom of this gallery) or through this website regarding any other uses of the images. We welcome suitable images to add to the gallery.

SRSG would like to thank the following photographers for the use of their images:

John Anderson
Brian Bates
Harry Bell
Martin Benson
Jon Brain
Dean Bricknell
John Chapman
Charles Cuthbert
Steve Duffield
Brian Etheridge
Iain Erskine
Jackie Freeman
Ronnie Gilbert

Mike Groves
Francesco Germi
Mairi Henderson
Malcolm Henderson
Angus Hogg
Mark Holling
Andy Law
Ron Lawie
Jenny Lennon
James Leonard
Tony Lightley
James R. MacDonald
Stuart MacDonald

Neil McDonald
Bob McMillan
Doug Mainland
Steve Moyes
Eddie McHugh
Mark Rafferty
John Rhead
RSPB Scotland
Robin Reid
Gordon Riddle
Marc Ruddock
Gary Russell
Andrew Sandeman

George Smith
Scott Smith
Andy Summers
Dan Spinks
Frank Stark
Logan Steele
Andrew Stevenson
Bob Swann
Ruth Tingay
Ian Todd
Ewan Weston
David Whitaker