News : Jun 2012

Golden eagle poisoned in Lochaber

28 June 2012

Police are appealing for information after a poisoned golden eagle was found near Morar, Lochaber, in March this year. A post-mortem showed that the eagle had been poisoned with banned pesticides. RSPB press release:

This is the second suspicious golden eagle death reported this year. Ten days ago it was reported that a satellite-tagged golden eagle had been found dead in suspicious circumstances in the Tayside and Grampian region:

Gamekeeper left buzzard to starve in trap

27 June 2012

A gamekeeper on the Perthshire Glenlyon Estate failed in his duties to inspect a crow cage trap, leading to a trapped buzzard starving to death. Jonathan Graham admitted to failing to inspect the trap every 24 hours, leading to the bird’s death. He was banned from using crow cage traps for five years and fined £450. BBC news:

Moniaive peregrine chicks stolen

11 June 2012

Police have launched an investigation after peregrine chicks were reported stolen from a site in southern Scotland. The incident happened sometime between 25th May and 5th June from a nest in the Moniaive area of Dumfries and Galloway. Police have appealed for information.

Mapping the decline of British & Irish eagles

8 June 2012

Researchers have mapped the decline of golden and white-tailed eagles in Britain and Ireland from the Dark Ages to the present day. Published in the scientific journal Bird Study, the results suggest both species were once found across lowland and upland Britain and Ireland. Human persecution and the destruction of habitats have been blamed for the declines.