Mountain hare culling on Scottish sporting estates is a ‘national scandal’ says leading ecologist

12 November 2013

A leading upland ecologist has warned of ‘massive declines’ of mountain hares on grouse moors around Deeside and claims it is a ‘national scandal’. In an article published in the Sunday Herald, Dr Adam Watson, who is also a founding member of the North East Raptor Study Group, says in some areas the hares have been completely wiped out and blames SNH for failing to protect the species under European law. His claims are supported by other members of the Scottish Raptor Study Group, as well as by the RSPB. Landowners insist that the mountain hare population is ‘stable and robust’. However, SNH has admitted that there might have been localised extinctions but is unable to accurately assess the status of the national mountain hare population due to surveying difficulties. To read the article please click here.