New e-petition to ban driven grouse shooting in England

28 May 2014

A new e-petition has been launched to gather signatures in support of a ban on driven grouse shooting in England. An explanation of the need for this petition has been provided by its creator, Dr Mark Avery, the former Conservation Director of the RSPB:

“Intensive management of upland areas for the ‘sport’ of grouse shooting has led to the near-extinction of the protected Hen Harrier in England, as well as increased risk of flooding, discolouration of drinking water, degradation of peatbogs and impacts on other wildlife.

Grouse shooting interests have persecuted the Hen Harrier to such an extent that, despite full legal protection for the last 60 years, it is almost extinct as a breeding species in England (2 pairs nested in 2013) despite there being habitat available for 300+ pairs. The investigation of wildlife crimes against such protected species is time-consuming, difficult to prosecute, and ties up valuable police resources.

Grouse shooters have failed to put their own house in order, despite decades of discussion, and government has proved incapable of influencing this powerful lobby group.

The time has now come for the public to call ‘Enough!’ and require the next government to ban driven grouse shooting in England”.

Many SRSG members will be supporting this petition because hen harriers don’t recognise political boundaries – Scottish hen harriers will die on English grouse moors and vice versa.

If you’d like to sign this petition, please see here.